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Bistro Café

It is already making its mark on the map of the most popular places in Bucharest. Located in a select area, on Strada Zăgazului 21, ONE Herăstrău Plaza, Amoom offers every guest who steps on its threshold a premium sensory and culinary experience, with a specific oriental fusion.

Bold and refined cuisine

Based on the top culinary traditions of the Middle East, the artistic sense, the good taste, the quiet atmosphere, the hospitality and the professionalism of the staff are just a few elements that make Amoom the No. 1 choice.

For a perfect day

In the background of discreet music, our guests enjoy fine drinks and eat some of the most famous and beloved oriental specialties of all time. A perfect day at Amoom can start with a cardamom coffee traditionally prepared in the kettle, along with the well-known walnut baklava and pistachio, or any other specialty from our varied range of products.

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