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Our Story

Our Story
Amoom is a story that was born in the heart of the Levant, on the cosmopolitan streets of Beirut, in the vibrant souks of Marrakesh, in every house rich in soul and warmth of Amman. Our spaces are designed to represent our essence in every inch. Our dishes are made with quality ingredients. For the preparation of our Oriental Fusion Candy Bar selection, we use rose water and orange blossom water, pistachio from Iran, walnut from Romania, sesame and ghee from India, cashew from Vietnam. This mix of flavours will make the experience pleasant not only for the taste buds, but also for the rest of the senses. We are not only recognized for our excellence in gastronomy. The atmosphere of our location is designed so that our customers feel as close as possible to Lebanese cuisine. The predominant green color represents the connection of the Middle East with the beauty of European countries. Marble and wood finishes provide a pleasant and warm feeling in every inch. Lighting is a key point, that's why in Amoom we thought about the importance of an individual atmosphere for each table. The quality of the interior and exterior design will seduce you to have a complete and memorable gastronomic experience.
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